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These are pictures of some of the cities I visited in Spain in September of 1994. My only regret was that the price of rental vehicles there is astronomical and you can't even buy a motor scooter there unless you have papers to show proof of residency. I was able to cover a lot of ground by bus, but it was impossible to seek out the tiny villages.
Bull fight! Granada
See the incredible spectacle of man on bull in the last bastion of the Moors on the Iberian peninsula - sin picadores!
The national plaza mayor is a must in your collection of plaza mayors as you tour old Spain. The orange roofs say Madrid.

Solve the maze of streets as the bulls run right past city hall in this Basque capital once burned by Charlemagne.
Home of one of the oldest universities in Europe, you will also find this Roman bridge and an affordable authentic bakery.

Home of the conquistador that conquered the Incas, this town in Extramadura feels much like it must have when Pizarro left.
A bustling city in Extramadura is almost a contradiction in terms. The best preserved Roman ruins in Spain makes it worth it.

The wonderful climate of southern Spain makes tourists want to stay and view all the arches of the Mesquita.
Northern Spain is far less traveled and with tiny villages and forgotten valleys, it is easy to find your Brigadoon.

Picos de Europa
Tiny mountain villages, twisting mountain trails, bridges over deep gorges - Is this northern Spain? ... or is it Switzerland?
A pretty small island in the middle of the Mediterranean where biking from beach to beach can be pretty adventurous.

A city with most of its midevil walls and all four gates still standing. If you are following the cathedral trail, here's another!
Stunning palacial rememnant of Moorish occupation in Iberia, the Alhambra is a mecca for travelers around the world.