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Trujillo in Extramadura, Spain is best known as one of the cradles of the Conquistadores, most notably Francisco Pizarro, the conqueror of Peru and the whole Inca Empire. Being out of the way in one of Spain's relatively poorer areas, it is still a rather small city without an overload of tourists (though they do bus some in). Although they city is expanding out into the plain as suberbs, it is still small and compact enough at the center to do all your touring on foot.
Above is Trujillo's plaza mayor where you can drive in and still find a parking spot. On the SW corner of the plaza the Pizarro family's palace home. With the money he sent back from the new world, Pizarro wanted a church built on this site, but the family decided on a palace instead.
Here you get a better idea of the layout of the land showing that Trujillo was founded on a rather high hill of granite in the middle of Extramadura's high desert plain. In the left picture you are looking west. On the right you can see the plaza mayor again and on to the north east.
As you can see from this postcard the plaza sure looks better if you are a professional photographer. But the picture looks like it was taken before I was born. The castle on the hill from which I took the middle pictures was built by the Moors and is now a rather poor monastary that was accepting apartment renters when I was there.