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Here is where we run with the bulls. Unfortunately I missed the semana santa and could only imagine the excitement. There were lots of people there anyhow and it wasn't easy getting a budget accomodation there in September so I imagine that it would be darn near impossible during the festival (I wonder how others do it).
On the left is the famous city hall where the bulls pass by on their way to the stadium. The little parking lot on the right is the area where they keep the bulls penned before they are released to chase those crazy people. Pamplona sits on a pretty high place above the confluence of two rivers so the bulls start out running up hill from here.
You can see here the route of the bulls from the little parking lot (just above number 13) to the bullring (number16). My other picture of city hall is at number 4. The Paseo de la Ronda is a nice high park (left of 13)  to look out over the river.