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Cordoba is in the wonderful southern region of Spain called Andalucia. Whether it is the Moorish influence of the architecture or the lovely warm year round weather, you experience a more relaxed, human pace of life and genuine compassion of the people that seems to get you in the mood of another world and another time. It is definately at the top of my list for romantic adventures. I liked Cordoba because it was the only place I found in Spain where a troubador would wander into town at night with his dog and donkey and sing to his guitar accompanyment. He would even attempt some English lyrics of some American hits if you would throw a few pesetas into the hat.
Naturally in Cordoba you have the obligatory Cathedral to anchor things and dominate the skyline. Oh and this is yet another Roman bridge that still gets its share of traffic. After seeing all these 2000 year old bridges in good shape, it sure kind of makes you wonder why we don't hire a bunch of Romans to construct our highways.
Here is the famous Mezquita that was intended to surpass all other mosques in grandeur and was the largest mosque in the Islamic world somewhere back in the 13th century. On the left is one of the zillion doors into the place for which they must have lost the keys because they are all shut except one and there you have to pay to get in. On the right you can see how it looks viewing it from the street to see the nice condition it is in and how far you have to walk to get to the other side.
Here are some brighter pictures (from postcards) of the interior of the Mezquita where no two columns are purported to be of the same length. And on the right is the Alcazar de los Reyes (Palace of the Kings). The most frequented tourist areas in the city is the old jewery that looks much like it did five hundred years ago when they all deported jews for herecy.