Pictures of Puna, Hawaii
Puna is the storied part of the big island just east and to the south of the volcano. Many Hawaiians inhabited this part of the island in the olden days because it was warmer here. There are in fact several thermal pools thanks to Madame Pele. Since it is still on the windward side of the island it is not as warm as Kona mind you but then as everyone from Puna knows - it's too hot over there!

Here then are the remarkable if not quite lost lands of south Puna. It is still however probably the part of the big island that gives you the feeling of those days long past when on Sunday neighbors would travel down the Red Road from Kalapana to Kapoho and visit all their relatives all along the way. (pictures taken Mar 23, 1999)
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Kalapana Steam Vents Lava Tree Park Kehena

Opihikao Pohoiki Ahalanui Park Kapoho

MacKenzie Park Click for Puna Map Cemetery Hawaiian Beaches

Sandhills of Nanawale Puna Roads