Pictures of Pahoa, Hawaii
Pahoa is a town in Hawaii that has not really stepped out of the sixties convincingly, and I like it that way. If you need to relax, regroup, recharge, and relive just drive on down to Pahoa. It is furthest south place in Puna where you can get gas and groceries and also is voted most likely to succumb to the fires of Pele (Kilauea volcano) should the whim ignite her. Pahoa is the staging area (or at least the pit stop) on your way to discover Lava Trees State Monument (Park), the far eastern cluster of homes called Kapoho, MacKenzie State Park, Pohoiki, the only boat launch and pier in Puna, Kehena (nude) Beach, and of course the recently buried village of Kalapana. (pictures taken Jan 26, 1999)
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Hotel & Restaurant
Antique shop upstairs
That boardwalk feel Akebono Theatre!
oldest in the state
Neat little sidewalk
coffee shop

Typical architecture New world class
swimming pool!
Godmother's Restaurant Tobacco & Book Shop

New Large
Health Food Store
Cash & Carry Grocery
Hub of Pahoa
Artist in residence
wares on display
Looking back
up the street

Pahoa's answer to
shopping centers
Catholic Church Public (& School) Library Pahoa High School