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Volcano Village
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Volcano Village

An operation as large as the national park requires some convenience stores as well as lodging for staff and visitor overflow. Volcano Village serves that function. The commercial area is basically a long road that parallels the highway to Hilo.

Known simply has Volcano, it has it's own zip code and hence post office but is mostly spread out like a township and except for the crosswork of roads is nearly an impenetrable rainforest jungle.

This picture shows the main shopping complex in town consisting of a General Store, Gas Station, Internet Cafe, and a Souvenir & Crafts Shop.

The Internet Cafe

I just had to include this cute little restaurant since it features an internet station that you can see in this picture on the left.

They have a nice solarium room and people were eating here when I snapped this shot, so I imagine that the food is good too.

(In the same complex with the General Store)

WWW Volcano

This is a closeup of the internet station!

Note that the rate is only $5 per hour for use!
(with a $2 minimum)

Volcano Village Lodging

There is a nice service (or emergency) road into the park from the Village and some people choose to ride their bikes into the park and stay in Volcano where the rents are lower.

The people of Volcano maintain their yards facing the roads with a well manicured appearance. Many people have signs offering rooms for tourists.

There is an HI Hostel with exceptional rates!

For those that want modern commercial accomodations, there is the Kilauea Lodge
($110-145 per day) phone (808) 967-7366.

A Dynamo of a Village

This lets you know that there is a little more in Volcano than just the General Store, Cafe, and Post Office. If your stay at the park is an extended one, you will have some diversions including a farmers' market every Sunday.

To see if anything special is happening, check out the web page for the village at: