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Volcano House
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Volcano House

Okay - so you just got to the park let's say, and you looked around the visitor center and saw the displays and things, but you weren't very excited. Just take the path across the parking lot and a nice relaxing stroll though the ohia canape, and you will come to a nice big old motel just sitting there in the woods.

There are lots of people walking about here, but just walk into the building across the lobby to the bar and BAMM! - Right there in front of you through the windows is this huge crater!!

There are empty window tables waiting for you!

Artwork in Volcano House

What fascinated me most about the Volcano House (besides the incredible site) was the history and lore that went with the building. Dotting the walls of the old hotel are memorabilia and honest art works - mostly paintings such as this one.

This is a picture of the Hawaiian Goddess Pele as she floats in her fire form above her home here at Kilauea. With both Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea in the background, it is not hard to find the spot where the painter stood.

painted by Paul Rockwood - Jan. 1, 1953

Historic Volcano House

This is a picture of the Victorian version of Volcano House constructed in 1877. Unfortunately Mark Twain, having traveled in 1866, never saw it.

The present building was built in 1941. It is on the register of national historic buildings and is still privately owned by a local family company.

I am glad it is not a modern building like the visitor center. Such a magestic location deserves some character and charm.

The Breezeway

This is a picture of the walkway between the main building and another guest building along the crater. You can see the crater through it.

Stay at Volcano House!

If I were a visitor to this park from a far off land, I would choose to stay here for the ambiance as well as the proximity. The present daily rates are:

MAIN BLDG: Crater View Deluxe  $185, Crater View $165
           Non-Crater View     $135
OHIA BLDG: Garden $95, Standard $85

There are also cabins on the other side of the crater
that rent for $40 per day.

Phone (808) 967-7321   Fax (808) 967-8429

This is a view of the Volcano House complex as seen from the Steaming Bluff.