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Puna Cemeteries
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Cemeteries along the Red Road

There are actually two different spots where you will notice cemeteries along the Red Road. Virtually everyone just whizzes on by. I have included them here because it is kind of rare that you see a cemetery on the big island.

This is the one close to Pohoiki where relatives of Isaac Hale are. Notice the great amount of concrete that goes into the construction. At a hundred dollars a yard hereabouts for concrete maybe that is why there aren't so many plots.

Hale Family

These are the two beautiful stones placed in the cemetery near Pohoiki for the Hale family.

A grass braided lei has been placed here for Mary.

Opihikao Cemetery

The cemetery near Opihikao has interesting stones of Kanohi and Kuaiholani families.

I wish I knew what the glass jar of water was for.

Japanese Cemetery near Kapoho

Surprisingly this cemetery is almost entirely for those of Japanese heritage here. The whole area was very well kept with fresh flowers on each and every grave.

There were a few Hawaiian graves in different areas. Also at this site is the manument shown in the next picture.

This is a very green and rather high place with evidence that the lava flow of 1960 left an island here completely untouched. It is a very nice cool oasis with a shelter if it is raining.

Where Kuki'i Heau Should Be?

If you are following your map religiously and trying to find all the interesting little red squares, you might get surprised as I was here.

This place is the little side road off the road to Cape Kumakahi marked as Kuki'i Heau (click on the map on the Puna page and see if you can find it). However, when you drive up you find this memorial to all the graves that were buried by the 1960 Lava flow.

The previous picture illustrates what else you will find here. I guess I shall start looking for more literature on what happened to the Heau.