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Hawaiian Beaches Subdivision
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Hawaiian Beaches Subdivision

If you look at the map, you will notice that out of Pahoa there is yet another way down to the coast through the rather established subdivision now known as Hawaiian Beaches. It is a misnomer, naturally, but at the end of the long subdivision there is an ocean as you see here. NO BEACH.

Besides the wonderful little park-like setting down here that the natives maintain nicely, there is access to the old Government (now Beach) Road.

To the north you will venture into the 4 wheel only Puna Trail and to the south is the wonderful cinder road drive that will take you (eventually) down to Kapoho after a very enjoyable trip back in time.

Hawaiian Beaches Coastline

The coastline here, as in virtually all of Puna, is rocky and finally a rather swift drop of 10 to 20 feet in most places.

A year ago I heard on the radio of a man that was taken by a wave as he was walking the rocky coast. Helicopter rescue was called by an observer, but by the time they arrived, the person was carried out to sea by the currents and never seen again.

Here there is a great spot to park the car and view the coastline. If you venture down into the rocks, keep an eye on the sea.

Hawaiian Beaches

This is a nice view from the beach road looking towards the sea near the center of the Hawaiian Beaches subdivision.

Most subdivisions make some effort to create a nice park for the benefit of their inhabitants' strolling and viewing pleasure.

Travelers may benefit from this unwritten, generous set aside program simply by making the drive down here and partaking of the scenery.

The Puna Trail

Heading north from Hawaiian Beaches is that jungle currently labeled "Puna Trail" on the map. This is part of the old stretch of Government (but now) Beach Road that should deposit you in the giant subdivision know as Hawaiian Paradise Park (HPP), where I live, should you succeed in traversing it.

The trail is possible on foot or with a bicycle, but I have seen even some 4 wheel drive vehicles turn back at a point where the road is all water and the bottom not visible.

These water bottoms should be solid since I have walked through them. All in all this trail is not an enjoyable experience like the road to Kapoho is. See the "roads" section for one picture. Beach farm on my "Views from Home" page is also on "the trail".

Where the Pavement Ends

This sight will greet you as you travel south out of Hawaiian Beaches. Here is the start of the true adventure.

The road becomes a cinder bed, the traffic becomes scarce, the trees become a tunnel, and you become lost in the memory and moment that was once Hawaii.

As recently as the 1950's virtually all roads on the island were of this caliber. See the section on "roads" to experience more of this nostalgia.