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Pictures of Ahalanui
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Ahalanui Park

is just up the road from Pohoiki. There are lifeguards on duty here so you can drop your kids off and then go on your own adventure to discover the rest of Puna.

There is also the shelter in the background for get togethers or maybe just to get out of the rain.

Concrete surrounding steps and a sort of dam have been built here to make this natural warm water hole look more like a pool and also I guess to have a spot to lay out without snagging your clothes.

Swimming Pool Hawaiian Style

If you want a swimming pool in Puna just pour a little concrete near the water and God will provide. It really isn't quite that easy but at Ahalanui there was a large volcanic heated pool that was just ripe for the taking so the county decided to put a pool here.

Closing time is 7pm so I imagine that they had to clamp down on the wild parties that were held here is the past. (apparently beer bottles in the pool did them in)