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Here is one of the few remaining spot that remain primarily a vacation spot for the Mexicans. Afforadable and picturesque, Z-Town (as I call it) retains all the flavor and charm of the old Mexican Riviera.
Water dominates everything here. Beach, fishermen, ferries, restaurants, the pier, even a Mexican coast guard station where you can watch the flag ceremony twice a day. Near this spot on the right the taxis turn around for their run back to the commercial area of (new) town and groups of Mexican musicians will gather to play what seems to me to be polka music repleat with accordian accompaniment.
When the cruise ships stop in Zihuatanejo it is only for a few hours between their overnights in Acapulco and Puerto Villarta. But then there is some real commotion! Thousands of little boats seem to appear from nowhere to ferry the passengers from the boat to the pier and the town merchants put out their best merchandise in hopes of landing a rich customer.
The basketball court dominates the center of the tourist area right on the bay and hosts lots of games and other activities. It is great to see the real people of the town come out to play and spectate almost every night. During the day it is usually too warm so you have the whole court to yourself if you want to shoot a few hoops. On the left is the exclusive, expensive resort of Ixtapa just over the hill from Zihuatanejo. Lots of the tourists that stay there taxi to Z-town at night for their supper.