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Here are a few of the less travelled places if Mexico. These narrated photos preserve fond memories for me. I hope they will be pleasant for you as well
Hidden central Mexico - land of lakes, volcanoes, colonial architecture, native Mexican indians, and butterflies.
San Miguel de Allende
Relax in a picturesque central square and enjoy the rich Spanish colonial charm of this central Mexican city.

You might enjoy the uncrowded, spacious feeling that is unusual in Mexico and good prices in this high plateau city.
Except for the cruise ships loaded with gringo tourists that steam into this giant bay, Z-town remains a resort for Mexicans.

Bara Navadad
If you are searching for that out of the way place featuring everything Mexican on a smaller scale? This Bar of sand is for you.
Puerto Vallarta
This famous destination has things to see and do in an attractive setting. The old part of town has the best of everything.

Mexico City
The capital of the country is packed with
many museums, parks, and other sites
making it is an international tourist mecca.
The predecessors of the Aztecs by a
millenium built a city around pyramids
just northeast of Mexico City.

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