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Mauka and Makai

In case you were wondering just what this Makai word means (and golly gee who wouldn't), it means: By the Sea or Near the Sea in Hawaiian. And when you are strolling our lovely Hawaiian beaches next you will probably come across the word Mauka which means Near the Mountain.

I have no idea how those ancient Hawaiians gave directions, but at least nowadays we all know very well which side of the road we live on (and that is probably the extent of modern usage).

This is a view of Mauna Kea (white mountain) from Mauna Loa (long mountain). I live east of this location and can see both mountains on a clear day. The weather around the summit of Mauna Kea is constantly changing and can be very spectacular and awe inspiring. I shiver when I look up from my computer and see the shining white peak in winter. In summer the grandeur of the sun setting behind the mountain seems to stoke the fire coals of the clouds from flaming orange to crimson red.

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