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Pictures of Kailua-Kona
Kailua is the tourist capital of the Big Island. Here you will find a multitude of accomodations of varying price while you bask in the relative dryness of the rain shadow created by Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. There are many shops here and activities for the visitor and from this side of the island you have the glory of the nightly sunset. (pictures taken March, 2001)
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Hulihee Palace was built in 1838 by Governor John Adams Kuakini. A companion of Kamehameha I and one of the first chiefs to take up western ways. Built of coral, lava rock, and natural woods, it was handsomely furnished. Hulihee Palace became the Lailua residence of Princess Ruth, Governess of Hawaii. King Kalakana redecorated it for use as his summer palace and later it belonged to Prince Jonah Kalanianaole, Hawaiian delegate to Congress. In need of repairs for several years, the palace was restored by the daughters of Hawaii in 1927 for use as a museum.

Mokuaikaua Church (Congregational)
Established 1820.
This church erected 1836.
First church in the islands.

Kailua has a very big pier where lots of boats line up to take you on exciting trips. There is a sunset dinner cruise and dive boats are ready to go early in the morning. The cruise ships must anchor out a ways because it is not quite deep enough here. Looking out to sea on the north side of the pier there is the Ahu'ena Heiau rebuilt to a portion of what it was when Kamehameha I ruled all the islands from here.

Looking back to shore from the pier at the Ahu'ena Heiau with the Kamehameha Hotel that is a very popular and convenient place to stay. To the right on the beach you can see the sea kayaks that you can rent for 2 hours for $15. It is great to paddle out into the sunset from here on this sheltered side of the island where the water is often as smooth as glass.

Kona Inn Shopping Village is a delightful honeycomb nest of shops to browse as you walk the touristy main street of Kailua a few hundred yards south of the pier.

The marker sign for the start and finish of the triathlon. The triathlon here is the world championship and takes place each October.

The little beach where the triathlon is started south side of the pier.

Sunrise looking south from the pier to the main part of Kailua, See the bouys marking the edge of the swim area. It is here where the triathlon starts.