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Pictures of Hilo, Hawaii
Downtown Hilo has suffered the same problem as most cities - the heavy shopping has moved to the mall. After some deterioration there is increasing effort made now to conserve and restore historic and other vintage buildings to give Hilo the feeling of a true town. And with all those shoppers out at the mall, you can find a parking spot on market days. Due to the tsunamis of 1946 and 1960, there is a great deal of green space facing the bay that used to be buildings and shops. Lately this area has been the focus of beautification. The fairs, concerts, and block parties (usually all at once) are occasions to behold. (pictures taken Jan 29, 1999)
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Historic Palace Theatre
recently restored
Elsie's Fountain
still circa 1940's
Looking Up Haili St S Hata Bldg 1912
shops & offices

Famous Hilo Market
Wednesdays & Saturdays
Tourists love
market day
Gazebo on the Bay
Mooheau Park
Ebesugawa Sisters
Flower Shop

David Kalakaua Park
Hawaii's last king
Federal Building
Post Office
Old Telephone Co
by police station
View old police station
from Kalakaua Park

Liliuokalani Gardens More Liliuokalani Gardens Coconut Island Mystery Eclipse Plaque

Hilo Bay View
from downtown
Famous Shipman House Banyan Drive Feature Breakwater on Hilo Bay
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